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The Last EP

by Soft Wounds

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released March 9, 2018

All songs written and recorded by Soft Wounds.

Mastered by Tom Murray

Soft Wounds is: Charlie Berger and Matt Rimon

Special thanks to Andrew Peach, Jimmy Fitzgerald and Evan Bowen for additional creative input.

Cover photo by Charlie Berger.

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Soft Wounds Toronto, Ontario

Once upon a time 4 guys from Toronto who love shoegaze, reverb, fuzz, atmosphere and melody got together in a dingy basement with their instruments to write some songs...Then a couple of them quit, but the ones who stuck around kept making music...this is the result. ... more

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Track Name: Story
This is better, and I know,
Something to compose,
I know, I know
It will start to show,

This is better for my head,
Something to defend,
I know, I think,
It’s easy to pretend.

How the story goes,
This is what I know,
If you will not bend,
It’s how the story ends.

Where the story goes,
This is what you chose,
If you cannot mend,
It’s how the story ends.

Follow shadows, lead me here,
Then they disappear,
I know, I think
That it will not heal.

As I lead, you play your part,
Better for my heart,
I know, I say
You take it all apart.

Reading, between the lines,
Helped you, see there’s something more.
Track Name: Her Ghost
Wind blows a branch at night,
Knocking again,
Against the window.

Sounds like you're moving in,
To lay your head,
Upon my pillow.

Her ghost surrounds me,
Haunting me through and through
You’re all around me, (I’m)
Forever possessed by you.

Found your hair on the floor,
You left it behind,
When you departed
Traces I can’t ignore,
Still here to finish,
What we started.
Track Name: Wide Open
So you're barely breathing,
Find out your name,
Everyone is leaving,
You will remain
Where they go, you can't stay,
It's not your fault,
Look at me and you say,
Nothing at all.

Lost in the wide open,
See it all in a day,
What was left unspoken,
What was left to say?,
See it all wide open,
Live it all in a day,
What was left unspoken,
What was left to say?

So you're barely speaking,
Silent these days,
Now you're only seeking,
Bitter remains,
Saw you in the hallway,
Wanted to call.
Opposite directions,
It's not your fault,
Track Name: On The Fence
Sleep all day,
So that no one can find you
You’re OK,
She came here to remind you

She’s a pleasure,
Still on the fence, you told her,
There’s no pressure,
But soon you’ll want to hold her.

She’s OK,
She’s stronger than you realize,
Now you can’t look in her eyes,
But you’re OK,
She is so nice to talk to,
Spend all day,
With her and she will show you,

I cannot,
Ignore her,
I won’t stop
Before her,
She’ll take me,
Out somewhere,
I know that,
I’ll be there,

She’s always,
Around me
She’s walking
Downtown, she
Feels better
Than ever,
A change in
The weather

I cannot,
Ignore her,
I won’t stop
Before her,
I’ll take her,
Out somewhere,
She will be there,
Track Name: Finally
We met on a Sunday afternoon,
The sun setting in the park,
You sat with me and then we talked a lot
Took a shot in the dark,
Things were changing,
And you didn’t know
If you were going to stay,
While I drove you home,
I thought about,
How I could steal you away.

When I finally find a way
To get to you,
Will you be there?

When I finally find a way,
To open up,
Will you be scared?

When I finally find a way
To show myself,
Will you compare?

When I finally find a way,
To be with you,
Will you be there?

You left on a Monday afternoon,
The snow falling on the ground,
Thought about me and you thought about,
Maybe sticking around,
It was clear my timing wasn’t right,
You boarded and flew away,
But in your heart you kept a piece of me
To hold for another day,

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